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Application Process

Creating an account on the homepage of this website will give you access to a free online self-assessment. This self assessment contains all of the actual criteria that evaluators use when they are reviewing your application. Other self-assessment options are described here. When you have completed the assessment, you will be able to download a copy to share with other leaders in your organization. The self-assessment will help you identify areas for growth and choose which application process is right for your organization.

Organizations may demonstrate that they meet all of the Standards for Excellence benchmarks by applying for accreditation. Click here for an overview of the application process.

A reference copy of the application form can be found here. Please note this application must be submitted online. 
V2.0 Full Accreditation Application Form

Tiered Recognition
For organizations who need more support in their journey to excellence, a three-tiered application process is available to recognize organizations at the Basics and Basics Enhanced levels before attaining full accreditation. Feedback and resources are provided at each tier to support the organization's improvement. Click here for an overview of the tiered application process.

Tiers at a Glance Chart (2014 Edition)

Reference copies of the tiered application forms can be downloaded below. Please note, these applications must be submitted online.

Basics Tier
Basics Enhanced Tier
Final Tier (Accreditation)

A full description of the program and process is available in our Accreditation and Recognition Program Procedures Manual.