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About Us

The Standards for Excellence Institute is a national initiative to promote the highest standards of ethics, effectiveness, and accountability in nonprofit governance, management, and operations. We also work to help all nonprofit organizations meet these high benchmarks.

The Standards for Excellence program was originated by the  Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations and is replicated through the Institute by state, regional, and national affiliate partners throughout the United States.

The centerpiece of the program is the Standards for Excellence: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector. The Institute also publishes comprehensive educational resources and offers training to individuals working in and with nonprofits.

This website is an online application and review system for use by organizations who want to assess their excellence and who are considering applying for accreditation or recognition by the Standards for Excellence Institute or one of its partners. For more information about the Institute and our partners, see our website.

The application system and this site have been customized to show different information to different categories of applicants. In order to access the online self-assessment and application forms, you must create a free account and choose your category (either your state or your affiliate partner). 

Instructions for using this site can be found here.

If you have any questions about this website or its functionality, please contact

For information about accreditation and recognition in Pennsylvania, please contact Tish Mogan at the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations: or 717-236-8584.